About Us


Meet Our President and Founder

Christine Fowler-Phillips

"Image is everything…I believe that image is developed from the inside and enhanced by our outward presentation.” 

President and Founder Christine Fowler-Phillips encourages women to “Own their Natural Beauty”.   Christine spent over two decades as a marketing and sales professional in the highly competitive pharmaceutical industry where she won various awards related to outstanding performance, exceptional communication, superior presentation skills and exhibiting the leadership which made for an organic  transition to the development and creation of Natural Beauty Cosmetics LLC.  

Given her natural passion to encourage others to embrace their natural God given beauty, she established her side hustle in the cosmetic industry early in her career. She  created Natural Beauty Cosmetics which lead to early success and unexpected exposure which included celebrity makeovers and work with the Tony Awards

"After spending a highly successful career in big pharma the time came for me to Discover My Best Self.  I went on to author a book with that very title (Discover Your Best Self and Stick With It!...A Guide to Creating A Winning Image.)"  The book led to the creation of her consulting practice, various professional speaking opportunities as well opportunities to lecture and empower scholars across the country.

"During the Pandemic in 2020,  while lecturing my entrepreneurship scholars and encouraging them to Always Bring their A-Game, I decided to take my own advice and follow my passion. I re-launched NB Cosmetics in December of 2020."  

"Having spent many years in the pharmaceutical industry in the marketing and branding space, it was important for me to formulate products that are cruelty and paraben free; some select products are CBD infused.  Our vitamin rich products are known for their light weight, full coverage. NB Cosmetics' goals include providing our customers with high quality cosmetics.  Customers looking to fulfill those needs are sure to be satisfied with our brand."

Our Mission

At Natural Beauty Cosmetics, we strive to enhance every woman’s natural beauty by empowering her to play by her own rules.  We are a multicultural company with products for every race and nationality.   The NB Cosmetics brand is all about inspiring women to not only own their inner/outer beauty, but to also embody confidence and class. We are here to celebrate all the ambitious Boss Babes of the world and be their one stop shop for all things make up.

We believe that every woman has a natural beauty that should never be hidden, and our products are here to extenuate your natural perfection. With our light and subtle products, you can achieve that flawless finish all while loving your unique features.

NB Cosmetics represents every  woman on the go and seeks to live by the motto of "working hard but playing even harder". Our brand is inspired by every strong, independent woman out there and we pride ourselves in our mission to break down societal standards of beauty. We truly want you to own your natural beauty!

Our Fight Against Cystic Fibrosis 

Within the United States alone, more than 30,000 people are living with Cystic Fibrosis and approximately 1,000 new cases are diagnosed every year. Natural Beauty Cosmetics believes it is our personal duty to fight for those who suffer at the hands of this disease and will not rest until a cure is found. We are invested in providing resources that aid in the research that goes into the tireless search for the cure. When you buy a product from NB Cosmetics, a portion of our profits will go towards the effort to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. We hope you join this fight with us and support our mission.